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James Lee’s recent show at the University of Dundee shows how far modern artists have detatched themselves from the traditional techniques of the Old Master’s- the techniques that ordinary, decent, British people love.

The installation sees the artist place sphereical objects in a room,  a disused office, which is covered in tin foil- floors, walls, door and all.











A Giant kinder Egg ‘Sculpture’ by Lee

The installation is called ‘Superficially everything is fine’– if only this were true of the exhibition itself. There is nothing fine about the lack of skill involved in the artistic production. British people must take a stand.

The artist seems to revel in the idea that to be an artist today does not need any degree of skill. The art merely reflects the ‘Emperor’s New Chlothes’ attitude of art elites.

Lee’s website proclaims his influences as Damien Hirst- The man who pickled a cow- and The Situationists- a group of 1960’s artists who believed art could be walking around.

However, what is perhaps most dangerous of all is the poilitical message of the show. Why do artists believe that one must put art and politics together? Art and politics should not be in the same room together, however Lee seems determined to make them merge








Political ‘art’ by Lee

Lee as an artist is blatantly proclaiming a message of socialism: a message of ‘class war.’ It is time the decent, ordinary working British people of this country took a stand and said enough is enough of this class war, of elites against the people!

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That is truely horrific. Time to move onto a new hobby maybe?

–         Sally, London, 11/12/2009  02.02

Can he actually draw or paint?

–         Rob, Scotland, 12/12/2009  16.00

Actually the people who ceated these things have achieved their objective, we are looking at them and making comments about them.

–         Lucia, Mids, 13/12/2009 17:05

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