GENERATOR Printhouse: Anyone Incapable of Taking Sides Should Say Nothing

To coincide with IMPACT 8 Print Festival in Dundee, GENERATORprinthouse was a digital and real life platform for the dissemination of critical discourse. It included:

The E.G. – an irregular e-paper collated and written by our rolling Press Team. This was edited by myself, often in collaboration with an invited guest editor, alongside graphic design by Nicola Prosser. These e-papers are accessible at the bottom of the page.

PRINTtalks – a schedule of talks accessible via livestream & the blog

Speakers included Journalist Phil Sim, writer Alex Niven, Philosopher Dominic Smith and artist magazine Undercurrents

In-House Press Facilities – an installed space equipped for ensuring the success of the GENERATORprinthouse. This included a 4-point writer station, 2 editor desks, a laserjet printer station, live stream facilities and a discussion area.

The GENERATOR Member’s Space also held a ‘pop-up’ exhibition and project by artist Susannah Stark.

Invited contributors to this project:

Alex Niven; Ben Robinson; BWR; Beth J. Dynowski; Claire Briegel; Dan Shay; Dennis J. Reinmuller; Dominic Smith; Georgia Horgan; Katy Christopher; Kim Walker; Kirsty Hendry; Kirsty Russell; Lucas Battich; Rachel Marsh; Susannah Stark; Philip Sim; Undercurrents magazine

Issue 1 of The E.G:

Issue 2 of The E.G:

Issue 3 of The E.G:

Issue 4 of The E.G:

Issue 5 of The E.G:

Issue 6 of The E.G:

Critical Writing on GENERATOR Printhouse:

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