Sorry, Is This Live?

David Dale Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland

Saturday April 23rd, 3-6pm

Acting as a response to Sol Calero’s exhibition ‘Desde el Jardin’, David Dale’s Curator in Residence James Lee, has programmed a durational performance event which will be staged within the confines of Sol Calero’s installation at David Dale Gallery itself.

Performance by Nerea Gurrutxaga, Gabriela Serani Busquets & Florencia Martinaunnamed

The event, conceived between James Lee and contemporary dancer Nerea Gurrutxaga, will see Gurrutxaga reprise her role as a character of a lowly maid from the Sol Calero devised telenovella (a South American styled soap opera) which was shot over the course of five days in David Dale Gallery.

The performance work, which will be a hybrid of contemporary dance and performance art, will also feature classically trained dancers Gabriela Serani Busquets & Florencia Martina, who are based in Berlin & Newcastle respectively.

The event will start at 3pm at David Dale Gallery and run until 6pm. Those coming to the performance are invited to ‘drop-in’ at any time between these times slots and leave as they please, being guests as they are to ‘Desde El Jardin’, the audience will be at will to choose a dance performance from a ‘set-menu’ which will be ‘served’ up by Nerea Gurrutxaga.

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