About Me


Hi, my name is James and I am an artist, curator and person who makes music based for a long time in Dundee, Scotland, U.K, but currently in hiding in the Arctic Circle.

‘So buddy, what’s the ‘S’ about in the middle of ‘James S Lee’, eh?’ Well, sometimes people do just call me ‘James Lee’, which means sometimes I fear people think my first name is ‘James Lee’. Sometimes I call myself ‘James S Lee’ in a professional setting as my middle name is ‘Stewart’. You see if you Google ‘James Lee’ you’ll find I share a name with not only an ‘Emerging Markets Consultant’, but an eco-terrorist, an analytic philosopher, a lawyer, an executive at JP Morgan and an artist who seems to be massively influenced by Thomas Kinkade. I feel in Hell there must be a special room for people called James Lee and therefore to trick God, & avoid such a fate, my thinking was that If I call myself ‘James S. Lee’, I may get to escape such a grouping in the after-life.

Contact: jamesstewartlee01@googlemail.com