Secondary Object

Secondary Object e-mail Project

In conjunction with David Dale Gallery, Glasgow

The email, a temporally disjointed adjunct to the exhibition ‘Secondary Object’, contains specially conceived work by Mikkel Carl, Natalie Dray & Aymeric Tarrade. On 12th June 2066, David Dale Gallery, courtesy of their web package provider, will send out to their mailing list an email based art project initiated by their Curator In Residence, James Lee.

These works can be downloaded from the email and viewed by those who appear on David Dale’s mailing list at the time of the email being sent. The art works attached to the email have only ever been seen by the artists, the director and Lee.

The email is like a time capsule to be opened in fifty years time. The art works presently however inhabit an ‘in-between’ state, existing only within a drafted email that may potentially never be sent. For the next fifty years these artworks will exist within a digital limbo.

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Mikkel Carl (b. 1976, Kalundborg) lives and works in Copenhagen. Recent exhibitions include: Language Dissolves as a Product of Love Begins, ANNAELLEGALLERY, Stockholm (2015); We Are All Workers, Kunsthal Nord, Aalborg (2015)Aujourd’hui je dis oui, Galeria da Boavista, Lisbon (2016), BODY HOLES, Fear of Content @ 9th Berlin Biennale (2016).

Natalie Dray (b. 1988, Portslade) lives and works in London. Recent exhibitions include: Facelift, Studio Leigh, London (2016); DRAY, Cell Project Space, London (2015); Cookie Gate, Ellis King, Dublin (2015); Make Your Own Opoly, at Project Number, London (2013); Palazzo Peckham, 55th Venice Biennale (2013); Young London, V22, London (2013); BYOB, Venice, Accademia Di Belle Art, Venice, Italy (2011).

Aymeric Tarrade (b.1986, Lyon) lives and works in Glasgow. Recent exhibitions include: Meute et Unités (Jaurías y Unidades), Espace Le Labo, Geneva (2016); Entre chien et Loups, Truth and Consequences, Geneva (2016); Solid Dust / L’hospice des milles cuisses, CAN, Neuchâtel (2015);Simstim, Glasgow Open House Festival (2015); We Can’t Remember it for you wholesale, Zabrinskie Point, Geneva (2015).

With thanks to Ralph MacKenzie

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