‘Failure. Understanding. Care. Kunst’ (2019)

‘Failure. Understanding. Care. Kunst’ ( aka F.U.C.K) is an art work and curatorial project initiated by artists and curators James S.Lee and Ruth Aitken. 

‘F.U.C.K’ is project based in and out of a caravan in Troms County, Norway. The caravan will host a series of events, exhibitions and performances over the course of 2019.

The caravan was originally the home of artist Ruth Aitken for several years but has now been stripped on the inside and converted into a project space. The production and curatorial values of the programme are derived from a series of purposely-imposed, environmentally concerned and challenging conditions on artistic production. These rules have been formalised into a Manifesto by the Curators which will shape artistic outcomes in the space. These guiding values can be viewed here.


More details of the programme/ artwork can be seen as it develops on the artists’ Twitter site. The programme is due to commence with an exhibition/ performance in late June 2019 with Scottish artist Stuart MacAdam.


‘F.U.C.K’ is funded through support from the Norsk Kulturådet.

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