‘Jacob 1.0’ (2018)

‘From Earth to Heaven‘ is a concept album set sometime in the distant future about a factory-made cyborg sex-doll  (model name ‘Jacob 1.0’) who becomes sentient after a factory mis-hap. Whilst trying to avoid becoming a casualty of the ongoing inter-planetary war, which oft results in periodical break-outs of fighting on Earth, he simultaneously tries to break free of his cyborg programming and discover the humanity inside his metal endoskeleton, his hardened shell, whilst trying to survive and possibly escape Earth for a safe heaven out there in the stars. But is his cold ‘interior’ mind actually a remnant of his calculating, trans-actional, robotic code, or his emerging human subjectivity? Hear the story of our protagonist as he discovers belonging, intimacy and finally love, all against the backdrop of being chased by shadowy inter-planetary forces. A classic sci-fi tale…


Jacob 1.0 is a the intellectual property of Nascio Technologies Ltd.

Project proudly funded by Covenant Defence Dynamics, A.I & Robotics Division, New Mexico, USA

Music & Lyrics by Jacob 1.0

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