Collective 1: For Print Festival Scotland @ GENERATORprojects, Dundee (2015)

GENERATORprojects present a week of all things Inked as part of Print Festival Scotland
Fri 26 June – Sun 5 July

Including books/ zines from: Abigale Neate Wilson, Alison Philp, GENERATORpublications, Catherine Street, Collette Raynor, Felipe Madureira, James Lee, Katie Ravenscraig, Twelve/Fourteen, Klaus Pinter, Plastik Zine, Ben Rogers, Kathryn Briggs, Cameron Orr, Alima Askew + Timothea Armour, Aaron McCarthy + William Fairbrother and Edward Humphrey, Superkings, Brownlee Brothers, Euan McClure, Emma McCarthy, Ellis Main among others!

Print Festival Scotland was founded in 2013 to coincide with IMPACT Print Conference, and celebrates the community, culture and diversity of print-based art. The festival is managed by Dundee Contemporary Arts in partnership with participating organisations across Scotland.

I have presented two ‘books’:

Firstly, a book made from the Conservative Party manifesto: pulped up and re-inserted into the book sleeve. This book was bought off e-bay, made from an ex public library book… from a library shut down as a consequence of public sector cuts via the Conservative government. The book is unopenable, stuck together via the paper pulp as it dried against the book sleeve.

The second is ‘readable’ or at least, openable, book, made from Fredrich Von Hayek’s ‘Constitution of Liberty’ pulped, made into paper, combined with gold leaf and glued back into the original cover. The paper pulp suggests the ‘real’ economic fall-out of the books proposed free market proposals.

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