What Sustains? Epic Fail as Artist Dies(2014)

The Dundee ‘MAPPA’ project – looking at sustainable ‘creative ecologies’ – was too much pressure on unmarried James Lee, who contrary to earlier reports of suicide, actually spontaneously combusted a la Spinal Tap.

It has led to calls to scrap all public art funding. Graduate Lee, who was not an immigrant, but wasn’t married, had a sexuality  that was described as ‘ambivalent’ despite protests by the man himself he was heterosexual.

Public sector worker Lee, who graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, received public funding to attend University. It has led to cries that all public funding is therefore, not only evil, but makes people evil too. Evil man,  Lee, spent his time there badly mixing paints, covering himself in glitter, chatting up art babes of all genders & getting stuck in lift shafts as performance art. It was ‘The banality of evil’ that many have been shocked by.

– genuine extract from The Daily Mail obituary section


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