The E.G (2013)

To coincide with IMPACT 8 Print Festival in Dundee, GENERATORprinthouse was created to act as a digital and IRL platform for the dissemination of critical discourse. It included a daily ‘e-paper’ called The E.G. It was collated and written by the Printhouse rolling Press Team. This was edited daily by myself, often in collaboration with an invited guest editor, alongside graphic design by Nicola Prosser. These e-papers are accessible at the bottom of the page.

These guest editors included journalist Phil Sim, writer Alex Niven, Philosopher Dominic Smith and artist magazine Undercurrents

In-House Press Facilities : installed in the GENERATOR space, and equipped for ensuring the success of the GENERATORprinthouse. This included a 4-point writer station, 2 editor desks, a laserjet printer station, live stream facilities and a discussion area. The layout was created by myself.

Office set up within GENERATORprojects, Dundee

Invited contributors to this writing project included:

Alex Niven; Ben Robinson; BWR; Beth J. Dynowski; Claire Briegel; Dan Shay; Dennis J. Reinmuller; Dominic Smith; Georgia Horgan; Katy Christopher; Kim Walker; Kirsty Hendry; Kirsty Russell; Lucas Battich; Rachel Marsh; Susannah Stark; Philip Sim; Undercurrents magazine

Issue 1 of The E.G:

Click to access issueone-2.pdf

Issue 2 of The E.G:

Issue 3 of The E.G:

Click to access issue3again.pdf

Issue 4 of The E.G:

Click to access issue41.pdf

Issue 5 of The E.G:

Click to access issue5.pdf

Issue 6 of The E.G:

Click to access issue6.pdf

Critical Writing on GENERATOR Printhouse:

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