What Sustains? MAPPA Dundee

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‘MAPPA Dundee: What Sustains?’ (2013)

GENERATORprojects take-over, exhibition curated by Jonathan Baxter


Exploring the social, environmental and economic systems that support individual and collective art practices in the city

Mappa Dundee is part of a wider research project entitled ‘Curating City and Space’ by Donna Holford-Lovell. In response to Donna’s primary research question, ‘what makes a healthy creative community?’, Jonathan Baxter commissioned ten artists and one arts collective to map their own creative community and what social, environmental and economic systems sustain them.

The outcome of that research will be presented in the context of a ‘Take Over’ exhibition at GENERATORprojects. The opening event includes artists’ presentations, live performances and a shared meal. There will be plenty of opportunity to engage with the artists and to contribute your own map of Dundee.

Featuring:  Ruth Aitken, Anton Beaver, Yvonne Billimore, Morgan Cahn, Owen Daily, Catrin Jeans, Holly Keasey, James Lee, Kirsty McKeown, Fraser MacDonald, and Tin Roof Collective


Extract from Online Obituary taken from The Guardian’s website:


James Lee. Copyright, Facebook Corp. 2012

All the Latest Reaction to Lee’s Death

  • James Stewart Lee ( 1986-2013)

Undistinguished public servant & artist, ‘killed’ by MAPPA project

James Stewart Lee was a divisive artist, bad poet, mediocre removal man and dreadful singer. His life tragically came to an end in a bizarre incident involving a toothpick and an orange. Police have failed to expand further on the circumstances.

According to friends, an art related project called ‘MAPPA’  had ‘subconsciously influenced and destroyed his sanity‘. The project drove Lee to the point of distraction and anguish in already stressed times. By already juggling multiple jobs & various artistic commitments, MAPPA – ironically a project looking at how artists sustain themselves in the long term in Dundee- led Lee to extreme existential contemplation about his life. He was taking the lead on the exhibition, GENERATORprinthouse: Anyone incapable of taking sides should say nothing‘  when MAPPA struck.

His career as a ‘qualified’ artist was launched when his degree show was unveiled to the public in 2010. Lee as an artist first came to the attention of his wider peer network for the production of large pieces of paper. Paper making as an art form was something Lee duly enjoyed; he was comfortable with it because it was ‘his level’ to quote a source known to the artist. Lee was a follower in the ethos of Simon Munnery: ‘…many are willing to suffer for their art. Few are willing to learn to draw’….

– Obituary continued in exhibition, however has been withdrawn from public display via this website by the artist, after discussions with his employers who deemed that the article could bring his employers into disrepute.

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