Superficially Everything Is Fine

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‘Superficially Everything is Fine’  (2009)

Room  G41, Tower Building, University of Dundee, Dundee

Room G41 was an empty office situated beside the dull, lifeless, distance learning administrative centre of the University. I hope i cheered the inhabitants of the neighboring offices up- just for the little while i was allowed to interfere with their usually vacant neighboring offices

The installation was a room covered in survival blankets, ceiling to floor. Sculptural forms, made from steel frame, cardboard, tape, survival blankets and acrylic were placed inside the room alongside a giant Kinder Egg replica & a football plastered in cut outs from magazines. The aesthetic was sci-fi B-movie inside of alien space craft themed.

The Daily Fail gave it a terrible review you can see here, which completely fucked the beginnings of my art career before it even began.