Press & People Saying Nice Things:

Scotsman (2010)
The Magdalen (2010)
Scotland On Sunday (2010)
Dundee University Review of The Arts (2015)

Quotes by people to use in press releases for exhibitions featuring me:

‘Hard-working‘- Holly Keasey

‘Contemptible left-deviationism entirely out of step with the ongoing movement towards a greater prosperity and stability.’ – Resolution of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

My God. I think here we encounter ideology in its purest form, no? By proclaiming fidelity to this very Deleuzian notion of ‘resistance’, does he not simply describe the dominant order of today? Resistance to Capitalism is inscribed into the very heart of capitalist dynamics today, I claim. Sniff.’ – Philosopher Slavoj Zizek

I will be amazed if you get into art school’– high school art teacher

You have clearly exceeded your potential’– high school art teacher

‘Contemptible self-serving, aloof prick‘- Letter to editor, Art Forum International

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